My name is SaMar

I am lecturer at one of the Australian universities where I teach, conduct research, supervise PhD and postgraduate students and work with industries. In 2017, I began my fitness journey and quickly found myself passionate about it. After 6 years of experience in training, coaching, and competing, now I want to utilise my experience to help women across the world to balance between their work, fitness, and eating healthy foods. My mission is to educate you to embark your own journey, to maintain a balanced long-term healthy lifestyle and strengthen your body and mindset whilst still achieving your fitness goal. I am here to empower you to BeYou.

- Training

Most of us lead busy lives and finding room in our schedules to get to the gym doesn’t seem possible. One of my goals in BeYou is to make fitness journey accessible to every woman and equip them with skills and plan they require to embark their life-long fitness journey and ENJOY IT. My aim is to educate you to strengthen your body! Not because you hate your body shape, and you want to change it! because your body is your most valuable asset, and it is deserved to be looked after. My mission is to empower you to train your lovely body and BeYou! Select your program and embark your journey today

8-week strong

This 8-week program helps you to:

  • Develop habit of having healthy lifestyle
  • Understand nutrition and gain the ability of tracking your food
  • Have a better relationship with food while achieving sustainable results
  • Improve your physical strength
  • Body transformation to a reasonable extent

Explore more

✓ Strength training
✓ Muscle gain and fat loss
✓ HIIT and cardio
✓ Nutrition track training
✓ Consulting
✓ Nutrition e-guideline book

- Yoga & Mental Health

We all have our own stories of COVID-19 when we were trying to look after ourselves and our wellbeing (physically and mentally) during lockdowns. That’s where my yoga journey began. As a body builder I used to believe that yoga is not for my body type. Soon after I began my home/beach yoga practice, I found yoga as a strong tool for connecting to my body and self-awareness. Since then, I have been including yoga in my weekly workout program. Regular yoga practice during your fitness journey teaches deep focus and mindful breathing, two important elements in helping to relieve stress and have a strong mindset. Strong mindset and body need to accompany each other when it comes to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle. One of My goals in Be You is to help women to enjoy their fitness journey by including activities which can further improve their mental wellbeing.

- Foods and Nutrition

 Proper nutrition is imperative to maximise performance throughout the fitness journey, whilst it is quite challenging for many people to maintain it long term. One of my goals in Be You is to educate you the life-long skills you require to make the right choices when it comes to nutrition to progress towards your goals, maintain the habit and still enjoy your daily life. Here I share the recipe of tens of foods and guide you to be creative in having a well-balanced healthy and still tasty diet.

Be You with me.

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